Radu Tesaro Kirby

The road so far

Radu was born in the Heart of Europe in Prague in 1979. She spent most of her childhood in Prague, and to the south, in the beautiful Czech countryside.

Between 1985 and 1997 she attended a Music School, where she graduated in Piano. She also attended Art School for a very short period.

At 18 she decided to learn German, so went to live in Germany. During this time she stayed with two families. The first family were an absolute nightmare and caused RTK untold amounts of heartache. In complete contrast the second family were a God send, and made her life in Germany very pleasant.

R.T.K also spent her time performing on the piano, giving her first real concerts as a solo Artist. She also had the opportunity to paint more seriously. It was her first taste of living abroad, which has formed the basis of her life so far.

In 1998 she returned home. But soon she was back on the road, touring all over Germany, performing indoors, outdoors and on the streets. Along the way she met a Blues Musician and acted as his driver as they played and toured together. These were really wild times for her, filled with wonderful new experiences.

RTK also turned her hand to Building Renovating, Interior designing, Mural Painting, and Decorative painting. After more than a year she returned Home to the Czech Republic. Seeking a new perspective R.T.K. went to New Zealand where she worked and travelled for a year.

In 2001 she came back home for a short time, were she came up with the idea of travelling to Vancouver. But she never made it, instead ending up in Toronto. Here she did lots of painting and exhibited her work in many galleries and clubs.

RTK also continued to play the Piano, performing in clubs and restaurants and also giving Classical Music Concerts. She also Studied for a year at M.J.A.S. (Michael John Angel Studios) learning classical drawing and painting. By then she was using mostly acrylics and oils, concentrating on portraits, landscapes and also abstract art. But even at this point RTK had still not discovered what was to become her unique style.

In 2002/2003 R.T.K. travelled between Prague and Toronto where she continued to paint and exhibit her work.

In 2004 she moved from Canada to Zambia to get to know better Richard Kirby who is also a very gifted artist.

Now living in Zambia permanently, she spends her time doing painting, exhibiting, giving piano lessons and raising her little daughter Tisa. Life in Zambia has afforded Radu plenty of spare time which has helped her develop as an Artist and find her own special style.


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